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Career Counselling

Certification Program in Career Counselling

Dual Certification Program Be the reason someone is successful; be the reason someone smiles! Remarkable Education an Education Consultancy & Career Guidance firm introduces The Dual Certification Program is a program that will help you become a Certified Counsellor, you will be provided with Live Training Sessions, Real Life Case Studies and much more by our professionals. For more details, refer the document sent below! We look forward to assisting you:)

“The quality of Career Counselling certification will determine the quantity of counselling you conduct.”

The certification Program in Career Counselling offered by Remarkable Education is a self-paced learning program. The Program is accredited and the Curriculum is approved by a leading varsity in Singapore. The curriculum has high weightage in psychology, psychometric concepts, case study, career path analysis and scenarios. Our program is followed by initial hand holding and ramp up support to build your confidence and sharpen your skills.



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Out Features


Salient Features

  • Course Duration: 3 Months
  • Fees: INR 25,000
  • Credits: 100 Credits
  • Outlines on 3 months comprehensive coverage with Practical Learning, Technical & Counselling Skill Modules.
  • 50 Hours Course
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Expert Webinars
  • 15+ Case Studies
  • 5 Case Assignments

Overview of the Modules

  • Module 1: Career counselling – A way forward
  • Module 2: Tools and Techniques
  • Module 3: Career counselling as per Age group
  • Module 4: Expectations, Conflicts and objective setting
  • Module 5: College selection guidance
  • Module 6: Edupreneur Career Library and Process Flow

Eligibility Criteria

  • Anyone who is passionate about guiding students.
  • School Teachers
  • Graduates in any stream although Psychology background is most suited.
  • Psychological Counsellors who want to explore Career Counselling.
  • Career counsellors aspiring to be Edupreneurs.
  • Individuals in specialized fields, who have a natural tendency to guide and offer counselling.


Yes, later if you decide to upgrade and get detailed guidance from our career experts you can pay the remaining difference amount.
Parents play an important role for their child decision making and future especially in young age. We encourage parents to be involved in the process.
Yes, every detail of students is confidential.
Our career guidance services are easily accessible to students all across India. For people residing outside India, or those unable to visit us in person, we offer our counselling sessions through video chat (Skype/Google Hangouts) and telephone. These are as effective as face-to-face sessions, and a majority of students choose them for the convenience they provide.
An assessment is a series of questions or statements that one answers or responds to, that are then scored by hand or computer. The results are provided in a report that measures or gives feedback on the particular topic (aptitude, personality, interest, adjustment, etc.) of the assessment. A Career Assessment gives information about careers and helps one make wise career-related decisions .
Your career is totally your responsibility. Career planning and guidance helps one to develop a set of career goals, strategy and options based on your aptitude, interests, personality, values and skills. Once you have a plan, you will be equipped to self-manage your career and take advantage of changes in the economy and job market rather than becoming a victim of change. Your career decisions will dramatically impact your lifestyle. Your occupation will determine where you live, your income, your work hours, your travels, job security, your choice of work associates and friends, and how you spend your leisure time.

Career Guidance will advise you about: -your career planning strategy - how to find information you need - how to get around obstacles - how to go about planning your current and long term education and training.

Understanding yourself is a critical aspect of career and educational exploration and planning. The more you know about your career related interests, values, skills, personality type and preferences, the better equipped you will be to identify the career fields, major areas of study and training programs, and education pathways that are compatible with your personal attributes. Our Team will help you develop an accurate self-assessment of your personal qualities: Your Work Interests are a reflection of the kinds of work related activities and tasks you most enjoy doing. Your Aptitudes are a reflection of your talents and the types of things you easily learn and perform well. Your Personality Type is a description of how you react to certain situations and people, how you make decisions, how you organize information and go about solving problems
Parents being the first mentors of children before they are mature enough to make career based decisions will have to take their best foot forward in making decisive career changes in the lives of their wards. Also, certain determining decisions cannot be taken by applicants of younger age and hence, parents have a major role there
All our test packages are approximately 1 hours long. In the online mode however, there is a facility for log out at any stage of the test. The test can be from anywhere you are comfortable.
All our counsellors are professionally skilled. Many are from the psychology background having sound experience in counselling and psychometrics. Others are also having ample experience in counselling and education guidance with the rich experience that they have from their established careers.
We provide services like interview preparation, CV preparation, application process for foreign universities and exam guidance
Our team is constantly engaged with various activities indoors and outdoors, getting a session with the counsellor of your choice may be difficult. We could try to arrange but cannot assure the same. Besides, each of our team members are qualified and well equipped to handle any case.
We can give you guidelines for selecting relevant colleges however, the final decision lies with parents /students.
We can give you guidelines for selecting relevant colleges however, the final decision lies with parents /students.
You do not require any documents for a session - no certificates, additional papers, report cards, transcripts etc. are needed. Please ensure that all of your information and any other achievements are recorded in our Counselling form with sufficient details – no supplementary documents such as resumes, videos etc. will be reviewed.
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