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About Remarkable

It all started in the UK. While pursuing Masters’ at the Birmingham City University, Prachee Gaur (our founder and CEO) encountered many oblivious and directionless students from privileged, middle class and less fortunate financial backgrounds. As an active volunteer at the International Student relations Cell at BCU on a regular basis she used to encounter a lot of young boys and girls, some of them were like a deer in headlight.

She recollects that although many successfully managed to get out to their country in search of better education however were oblivious and directionless. Some students didn’t like their subjects while others willingly didn’t want to pursue their academic career further yet they succumbed to parental pressure Students who came (especially from 3rd world countries) on student loan to fulfil their aspirations struggled to get a handle on their future

She was convinced that selecting an appropriate career is one of the most important decision. With the increase in the number of career paths and opportunities, making the best decision had become quite difficult for the students.

Overall, she felt that there is quite a mismatch between potential and actual. Easily attributed to inadequate qualified career guidance, sloppy, obsolete career counselling institutes.

Somewhere those experiences got stuck on to her like a parasite. Being a witness to those horrid tales of struggles and helplessness of the students, it left an indelible impact on her psyche. Despite the time and indulgence with the English Lifestyle she, sacrificed a promising future in her own field of interest. She bid adieu to her English dream to enliven her Vision to “create a world where individuals are content with the choices they have made and the path they have taken” With a strong resolute she traced her steps back to the motherland and thus Remarkable Education was born in 2016.

A Journey

Remarkable Education was incepted in the year 2016 with a resolve to provide guidance and support to the students who are battling with number of issues such as depression, loneliness, behavioural issues, peer pressure, confusing career options presented to them.

Today’s generation thrives in an increasingly-rich information world where the social media has a profound influence on their lives. Their level of engagement on social media is clearly indicative of a trend where the need for timely and right information largely impacts their method of formulating opinions, charting out a career path and decision-making in their personal, professional and social aspects of life.

In the midst of the ongoing change, current education systems and the redundant tools to facilitate their physical, cognitive and socio-psychological developments fail to drive the budding young minds and individuals towards the right career paths and professional areas. These changes have resulted in reduced personal interactions, lack of empathy, cut throat competition leading to conflicts, confusion, depression, loneliness and suicidal attempts in children and adults.

Thus, to cater this outraged problem need of a counsellor has been identified at school level. Where the role of school counsellor is to improve the EQ (Emotional Quotient), academic performance, vocational guidance, solving behavioural problems, and enhance social and personal development and ensuring today’s students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow.

Most of the schools tend to ignore the importance of counselling and timely guidance in preventing behavioural problems, making right career choices, developing healthy coping mechanism for sustenance in the outside world. When the school itself fails to give much needed guidance and direction to students, resultantly the students miss out on great opportunities that could potentially shape their academic and career trajectory.

The invasion of technological advancements in every sphere of our lives has drawn our attention towards the need and importance of guidance and counselling.

To tackle the underlying problem, various National and International organizations have sought the need and importance of counsellors in schools. Per National educational body, NCERT report and the Circular No. 8 dated 10th July, 2002. NCERT has made it compulsory for schools “at secondary and senior secondary to have at least twenty sessions of psychological counselling must be provided to every student in an academic session” Still many schools have neglected the role of an early intervention of counsellor at school level without realizing that the student motivation is an academic enabler for schools’ successes as well.

Many aspects of student motivation come from factors like self-efficacy, intrinsic motivations and goals. Studies prove that school counsellors are in pivotal positions to foster the academic achievement of many high school students (Butler, 2003)

To empower students, help them find their potential based career backed with sufficient future scope. Actively let them discover and pursue their passion thereby and developing fulfilled and accomplished professionals for the world

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